Attack on tourist ‘unacceptable’

Tari JeffersManjimup-Bridgetown Times

There has been an outpouring of support for a tourist who was reportedly verbally and physically attacked last week.

German visitor Stefan Baeker was at the south carpark next to the Manjimup Farmer’s Market early on Wednesday morning.

Mr Baeker said about 6.30am, he and his girlfriend were having breakfast when a man approached them and started verbally abusing them.

“He called us by many names and asked ‘what are you doing here?’,” Mr Baeker said.

“He punched me on the right side of the face and then went to hit my girlfriend and I got between them.”

Mr Baeker thanked the Manjimup community for their sympathy and support following the incident.

“When I made a Facebook post, many people were sympathetic,” he said.

“The people here are very friendly.

“It was a bad experience, but it was just one man.”

Manjimup shire president Paul Omodei described the incident as “totally unacceptable”.

“For anyone to punch anyone, no matter the reason, is unacceptable,” he said.

“Under law, people can camp for 24 hours in an emergency or in designated stopover areas for 72 hours during a period of 28 days.”

Mr Baeker said following the attack, he felt dizzy for the rest of the day and sore until the following day.

He said the man was about 50-55 years old, 180cm tall, had short dark hair, a short beard and was walking a dog.

“If anyone saw anything, please talk to the police,” Mr Baeker said.

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